Swiss Neonatal Network & Follow-up Group

Was your child born prematurely? We would be very interested to learn how he or she is doing today. How is your child doing at school? How does he/she feel? What is his/her quality of life?


Here you'll learn who we are


What is SwissNeoNet about?

We are professionals working together to offer neonatal care and developmental follow-up to children born prematurely in Switzerland. We aim to offer the best possible care during and after Neonatology, in order to enhance the quality of life of preterm children and their families. We do so by collaborating in a network with regular meetings and joint research studies.

Why do we perform theses studies?

The better we learn to understand how preterm children develop, the earlier we can provide helping therapies or other means to improve the future of the child and/or its parents.

Your input matters!

The Swiss Neonatal Network aims to find effective answers concerning the open questions regarding the development of children born before term by monitoring and documenting their growth and development. This is why, with your permission, the results of the medical assessments at 2 and 5-6 years of age are entered into a research database and will be made available for research in a fully anonymized form. Please note that you have the right to decline the use of their results at any time.


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In the event that you should move to another location in Switzerland, [a list provides you with the contact information needed to announce the move](../../fu_centers) and arrange a follow-up examination closer to your new home. Thank you for taking the time to inform us of your move.

Thank you very much for your support!

With your commitment, premature children will be better understood and will be given better support and care.

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